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Day 8, 9 and 10 - About astronauts, Poverello and our goodbye

vrijdag, 9 november, 2018
Leena & Hani

On Saturday we went to euro space centre which was accompanied by Maria and we gained more knowledge about the space planetarium and the history of space mission. We learned more about the different satellites in space. For a moment we were even like real astronauts! We tried moon walking and Mars walking which was a real fun! 

It was very interesting to know about the astronauts and how they get trained. We had lunch in the space centre and after lunch we headed over to Leuven. We were very glad that the   director of Don Bosco Sint-Pieters-Woluwe accompanied us along with Maria, Kenneth, Erica, Bieke and Carolyn. We went by the famous Leuven university library and St Pieters church. After a lot of walking it was time for coffee, hot chocolate and french fries with chicken steaks and crisp. Together with the principal we ate this really very delicious food and after supper we returned back to Woluwe. This day was great!

On Sunday the 30th of September we went to Poverello, a place where poor people can go for a chat and a cheap meal, and there we participated in the mass. During the mass we sang a tamil Christian song. We had a very good appreciation from the people. They really enjoyed our song and after mass we had lunch with them. After this good lunch it was time for some action! We helped to clean, wash and we also did some gardening. We were very glad that we had a wonderful opportunity to help them.

After a day full of activities it was time to return to our place and have sweat dreams about all our experiences! 

On our last day, the 1th of October we woke up at 8 o'clock at had our breakfast in the salesian house. To buy some souvenirs for our family and friends back in India we went to the super market called 'Colruyt'. After our shopping trip it was time for us to say goodbye at the school. There we made some goodbye cards for the students as a remembrance of our visit. Also the Belgian students expressed their gratitude and appreciation by presenting some cards and gifts. They really bid us farewell and we did so. We will miss our Belgian friends!

After the goodbye we returned to our room to pack our things. Finally stepped on Brussels Airport accompanied by Maria, Bieke and Emmelie. And with lots of love from our heart we bid them farewell.

At the 2nd of October we returned to our home sweet home safely.

This trip was amazing for everyone! Everyday we learned new things about Belgium. We really liked the people and the country!

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