Day 3 and 4 - our first days at the partner school | VIA Don Bosco


Day 3 and 4 - our first days at the partner school

dinsdag, 25 september, 2018
Hani & Leena

On 24th we had our breakfast at half past 7 and we went to our partner school for the first time. We were welcomed in the chapel of the school with a little ceremony and we met many students.  Then we met the principal of the school. We had a conversation with him and we were guided around the school and also met the members of VIA Don bosco. 

After we had lunch prepared by the students who are studying to become a chef. In the afternoon we got to know the students from the S2S group better through different fun games. We've laughed a lot. 

Then we returned to salesian home and we finished supper and went for a walk in the park nearby. We were amazed by very wonderful views of nature. 

The next day we started with breakfast and due to cultural expo we were specially dressed in sari,dhothi and half sari. The English class students explained Belgian culture and we explained our culture to them. We prepared our lunch together with the students from the S2S team. They made a typical Belgian dish and we made a typical Indian dish (Bajji, Pulav). We tried not to make it too spicy that was difficult :-)

It was very delicious. 

In the afternoon we visited Lutgardiscollege, they will visit India in the beginning of October. 

To end the day, we were invited for supper at Maria's house. She's a teacher of the school. We really enjoyed it! 


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