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Day 10 - Asante sana! Dankjewel!

vrijdag, 27 april, 2018

Ons afscheid verwoorden we op deze laatste dag met een gedicht die we gemaakt hebben in het Engels én in het Swahili:

This experience is beautiful and so nice,

even though we ate every day rice.

We made a lot of new friends,

with all our different coloured hands.

These days will forever stay in our heart,

and nothing will ever tear us apart.

We hope all your dreams will come true,

and we will forever love you.

Thanks for those incredible days together!


Sisi nanyi tumekua mzuri pamoja

Tulikula pamoja nanyi kila siku

Tumepata marafiki wengi

Wengi, wengi wa kupendeza

Muda wote tuliokwu pamoja

Tutaukumbuka daima

Ni kumbukumbu itakayobaki daima

Mioyoni mwetoe

Tunawaombea daima, ndoto zenu zitimie

Tutawapenda daima

Aksanteni sane kua upendo wengo


Ook mevrouw Impens haar woorden ter bedanking vat mooi samen hoe we ons allemaal voelen:

Dear Brothers, dear Fathers, Dear Friends, 

As the headmaster of a catholic school in Belgium, I want to thank you all. It was an honour to be your guest. It was a pleasure to see the openess towards our students. It was a blessing to be here. We could never have achieved what we have reached within these 10 days, without your help. Your kindness, your generosity, your questions,... it awakend so much. It will definitely help our dear blossoms to become the most beautiful and enriched fruits of our society! 

You meant so much for us, as a student, as a teacher, as a headmaster, as an individual, as a member of a diverse society, as a child of God. 

We go back home, but a piece of our heart stays here. 

We brought some Belgian chocolate for you. Enjoy it. Let it melt. Dream of a better world. But let it also give you the energy to work on and for a planet where it is wonderful to be part of. 

May God bless you all to be or to become a good shepard!

Keep up the good work, 


Met de steun van