School to School - India to Belgium 2018

School to School is een partnerschap tussen een school in het Zuiden en een school in België. Deze twee scholen delen ervaringen en bouwen samen activiteiten uit rond gemeenschappelijke thema’s en doelen. Ieder partnerschap is uniek. Door een actieve inbreng van beide scholen worden vooroordelen doorprikt en krijgt ‘de andere’ een gezicht. Volg hier de ontmoeting tussen leerlingen uit Don Bosco Pannur, India en Don Bosco Sint Pieters Woluwe van 22 september tot 1 oktober 2018 in België.


Day 8, 9 and 10 - About astronauts, Poverello and our goodbye

09 11 2018 | door Leena & Hani

On Saturday we went to euro space centre which was accompanied by Maria and we gained more knowledge about the space planetarium and the history of space mission. We learned more about the different satellites in space. For a moment we were even like real astronauts! We tried moon walking and Mars walking which was a real fun! 


Day 5, 6 and 7 - Indian dances and Belgian Waffles

29 09 2018 | door Leena & Hani

This day was special because we’ve got invited for breakfast at the Cabinet of Minister Debaets. She encouraged our School to School project and asked a lot of questions. Actually, Brussels recently signed a pact with Chennai, so this makes our visit very delightful. After the visit we went to the park nearby the Botanique. This well-maintained garden brought us beautiful views of nature. Of course, we took a lot of pictures.


Day 3 and 4 - our first days at the partner school

25 09 2018 | door Hani & Leena

On 24th we had our breakfast at half past 7 and we went to our partner school for the first time. We were welcomed in the chapel of the school with a little ceremony and we met many students.  Then we met the principal of the school. We had a conversation with him and we were guided around the school and also met the members of VIA Don bosco. 

After we had lunch prepared by the students who are studying to become a chef. In the afternoon we got to know the students from the S2S group better through different fun games. We've laughed a lot. 


Day 1 and 2 - Yummie, I got chocolate in my tummy!

23 09 2018 | door Leena & Hani

We started our journey to Belgium from Chennai airport at 9:50 in the morning and after two flights we arrived in Brussels and landed at 7:30 pm local time. We were happy to see that Maria and Emmelie received us. After a short drive we arrived at the Salesian house in Woluwe and we had supper. After a long day, it was time to go to bed! Emmelie showed us our rooms and immediately we fell asleep.

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